"Introducing a Physical Therapy Clinic serving the Waukesha Area that SPECIALIZES in helping those with BACK and NECK PAIN return to their active lifestyles. If you are tired of relying on pain medication and prefer NATURAL solutions to help end your pain so that you can return to your active lifestyle and enjoy your health again, then we can help!"

We believe your experience at Body Renovation will be like none other. You will feel important and valued the moment you walk through the door. Whether it is your first visit or your last, you can expect a positive, thoughtful, and compassionate care every time you work with us.

In a premier rehab clinic, we understand every person is different and we take great pride in customizing a plan of attack to meet every individual’s goals. We provide a thorough assessment to customize a plan to reach your goals and raise the bar higher. Whether your goal is to alleviate low back pain or perform a pull-up pain free, we will take the time to develop the most effective plan for you. 


From billing to our communication, Body Renovation operates on a foundation of transparency. Our focus, is to exceed your expectations for what rehab can be. We offer this by being available to answer all of your questions and concerns through clear and concise education.


We are committed to helping you understand the factors contributing to your pain and/or decreased function. From your comprehensive assessment to your corrective exercise program, our mission is to allow you to maximize your body mechanics and strength.  Revealing proper movement patterns is the best medicine providing you the tools and ability to fix your injury is our passion.