What is Worksteps?

WorkSTEPS, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing. Our tests are medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective, and they are specifically-designed to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. Our trained, licensed, certified and managed network of healthcare clinicians administers WorkSTEPS’ proprietary employment testing in 48 states nationally. Standardized programming, training, exceptionally talented staff and state of the art technology systems make our system the best in the nation!

What Other Companies are Saying about Worksteps

In the case of one school district, before utilizing WorkSTEPS, the experience mod of that district was 162%.  At the present time their experience mod is at 104%.  By using WorkSTEPS on pre-employment of classified employees we have been able to nearly eliminate potential back problems, leg problems, shoulder problems, and other areas of the muscular skeletal system before we hired these people...Just to give you an idea, three years ago we had a 32% reduction in our frequency of claims, year before last we had a 25% reduction and we’re estimating this year an 11% reduction. These figures indicate an excess of 50% reduction in frequency.
After working long and hard on putting together the WorkSTEPS program for our School District, I wanted to update you on our results. The number of reportable workers’ compensation claims was reduced from 112 for the previous year to 64 for our policy year-end. This is a 50% reduction of reportable injuries in one year. Even better was the reduction in the cost of claims. It went from $874,659 to $220,727, a 75% reduction! These results are phenomenal and directly attributed to a lot of hard work in loss prevention, particularly the implementation of the WorkSTEPS program in conjunction with our modified work program.  
I accepted a position in Houston, Texas, as a risk manager for the largest privately owned chain of nursing homes and retirement centers in Texas. I became aware of your program through a WorkSTEPS representative in Beaumont, where we had two facilities. Let me say that the examinations performed by your representatives identified the fact that two of every three workers we had selected as potential employees were not able to perform the physical requirements such work would entail. The program also helped limit our liability for future injuries for those individuals with pre-existing (but unidentified) conditions. I conservatively estimate that the testing performed by your company resulted in a stop loss of over $250,000 annually from work-related injuries and resulting personnel actions.
It has been an amazing turnaround in our work injury experience. In our Las Vegas Nevada Office, we have seen a reduction in Workers’ Compensation Losses from over $140,000.00 per year to less than $4,000 for the first year of Worksteps!
As a result of our Pre-Employment testing and our “return to work policy”, our WC modifier has been reduced by 31%. We have eliminated the suspect back injuries that used to dominate our claims and have brought the return to work percentage up to 99%.
We have won our industry’s “Excellence In Safety” Award for five years in a row designating our shipyards as the safest in the United States. We implemented WorkSTEPS to further our safety effort. Employees who are matched to the essential functions of their jobs perform safer and are more productive. Our industry’s turnover rate is 50%. Ours is 16%. The enhanced medical history collected during a WorkSTEPS Test provides us with the information we need to properly protect the safety and health of our people. After eighteen months of review, we found that those employees who were tested: a.) 25% less likely to have back injuries, and b.) Of those who did sustain a back injury, the severity of the injury was less and the cost of the claims were 43% lower than employees who were not tested.  

WHAT we do

The mission of WorkSTEPS® is to provide a functional employment test that is medically safe, legally compliant, scientific, and objective in order to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.


The importance: The functional employment-testing program was developed by WorkSTEPS® in response to an industry need for injury management and prevention programming which could effectively reduce work place injury incidence and work place injury costs.
Employers utilizing the WorkSTEPS® program are experiencing average work injury reductions of 50% during the first year of implementation with continued reductions in the second and third years.

Expect these benefits:

Decreased turnover

Diminished incidence of fraud and abuse o Increased worker productivity

Reduced modifier rates, Worker’s Compensation Premium

Reductions in Lost Time Injuries

Employees will be safer!


The foundation for the Program is individualized, objective, scientific data collection that conforms fully to laws and regulations that govern employment and labor. The Program is comprised of the protocols, processes, and procedures which appropriately, objectively match medically safe and functionally capable new hires to the job.

Implementation of the program

Assist in resolution of claims

Evaluations relevant to physical performance

Help mitigate the number of claims o Historical pre- injury data “baseline”

Moderate the cost of claims

Utilizes appropriately designed and administered tests

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